Why Laser Hair Removal Isn’t Just for Celebrities

If you’ve decided that this is the year to say goodbye to unwanted hair, you’re in good company. Decades ago, most celebrities were hush-hush about their beauty secrets. Today, some have gone very public about how they got their million-dollar looks. And the good news is...it doesn't cost anywhere near that kind of money.

Kardashian sisters Kim and Khloe are big fans of laser hair removal.  So is mom Kris Jenner, says London’s Premier Laser Clinic.  Entertainers Beyoncé and Victoria Beckham have also reportedly had treatments. The UK’s skin clinics add to the list Today’s Hoda Kotb and TV personality Lilly Ghalichi.

We at Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic, Inc., want to assure you that laser hair removal isn’t just for celebrities. If unwanted hair is dampening your self-confidence, we’re here to help with safe and convenient treatments that can remove hair on skin of all colors.

Why is laser hair removal a good choice?  Consider these reasons:

No Need for Secrets

Gone are the days when women suffered in secret from excess hair. Celebrities have made laser hair removal a popular choice.  They have also made it common knowledge that many people suffer from unsightly hair that affects their self-image.

Ideal for Many Body Parts

Laser hair removal isn’t just for upper lips and other parts of the face. It can correct a hair line, reduce the amount of men and women’s unwanted body hair from your head to your toes!

Safe and Successful

The Baylor College of Medicine Dermatology Clinic reports that today’s technology makes laser hair removal successful for permanent hair reduction. Lasers can target hair with pigment yet avoid damage to any surrounding skin. An energy pulse the size of a dime treats many hairs simultaneously in less than a second. Treatments end annoying and repeated plucking, tweezing, waxing, or shaving.

Quick and Easy

How easy is it, really? Treatment for small areas like the upper lip can take less than a minute. Large areas like the back can take an hour. Baylor says that during one session, as many as a third of the hairs treated are removed permanently. Clients will need between 4-8 treatments and touchups periodically as needed.

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