Sexy for Summer – Laser Hair Removal for Your Legs

Although you may still be burrowing under several blankets and wearing your footie pajamas to bed, summer's warm, inviting embrace is just around the corner (well, only a few months!) and it's time to start thinking about enjoying those lazy, hazy days lounging at the pool, on the beach or in your own backyard.

Beat the Bathroom Blues - Save Time With Laser Hair Removal

We don't think you should waste a minute of a gloriously sunny summer cooped up in your bathroom, shaving and re-shaving your legs, 5 O'clock shadows, dealing with ugly razor burn and cuts that bleed endlessly. Right now, our Wilmington Hair Removal and Skin Clinic is offering two distinct laser hair removal services to ensure you get the most out of summer. One involves hair removal for the tops of your legs (above the knee area and up) and the other removes hair from the bottom of your legs (top of the knee down).

We provide these specialized treatments because we understand that some people may not want laser hair removal for their whole leg. Hair growth varies greatly among individuals and is mostly the result of genetics, which is why you might have minimal hair growth on the tops of your legs but uncontrollable hair growth below the knee.

Start Treatments Now to Greet Summer with Smooth, Sexy Legs

Hair grows in three phases but only one phase is the "active" phase. Consequently, laser energy needs to be directed toward hair that is in its anagen phase so that hair follicles are effectively deactivated. For this reason, it normally takes about four to eight laser treatments at six week intervals to ensure all hairs have been targeted during their active growing phase.

However, you will notice an immediate difference since a lot of hairs are in their anagen phase at any given time. Shedding of all treated hairs occurs within two weeks, followed by the appearance of the smoothest, cleanest, sexiest legs you've ever had!

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