Can I Get Laser Hair Removal If I Have Tattoos?

Well, yes and no.

Since lasers used for hair removal can effect the appearance of your tattoos, you can only have the hair around a tattoo removed. Would could be a perfect solution, unless you have multiple tattoos that cover a large area.

However, you can have excess hair removed and leave your tattoos in tact with electrolysis, another kind of effective hair removal technique using a mild electric current instead of a high-energy laser.

But...if you prefer laser hair removal to electrolysis, the best advice we can give you is to get hair removed before you get tattoos!

Tattoos and Laser Hair Removal--A Match NOT Made in Heaven

Lasers used to remove hair also removes tattoos because laser energy is attracted to black pigments in tattoo ink. Unfortunately, tattoo pigment will scatter when exposed to laser energy, resulting in a significant reduction in a tattoo's color and sharpness.

Although you can have a laser hair removal procedure done to hair around your tattoo, you'll have to do something about the hair still sticking out of your tattoo, specifically electrolysis. By running an electrical current through a tiny, needle-like probe into individual hair follicles to destroy hair roots, your tattoo remains untouched and undamaged.

So What Exactly is Electrolysis? Is Hair Removed Permanently?

Electrolysis is an FDA-approved method of permanently removing hair using electricity. The number of electrolysis sessions you need to achieve desired results depends on how how much hair you want removed and your hair's thickness and texture. Once you've completed your electrolysis treatments, you'll never see that hair again.

Doesn't Electrolysis Hurt?

Back in the "old" days, when electrolysis equipment was transistorized, the sensation of having hairs pulled out of their follicles was no doubt unpleasant. With the computerized, state-of-the-art, electrolysis methods today, any discomfort you feel during an electrolysis treatment is reduced to a slight tingling or pricking sensation.

Got Hairy Tattoos?

So now you know that electrolysis will safely and permanently remove unwanted hair without damaging the integrity of tattoos while laser hair treatments should only remove hair around tattoos to avoid degrading them. So why not give us a call today at the Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic to find out more about electrolysis, laser hair removal and making your tattoos look smoother, brighter and even more awesome!

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