Is Permanent Makeup Really Permanent?

As the name suggests, the color from permanent makeup will never leave your skin. However, the appearance of permanent makeup is not exactly permanent. Cosmetic tattoos may fade with time and exposure to the elements, and they can also be removed with laser tattoo removal. Below, we answer some of your questions about the life-long appearance of permanent makeup.

Will My Permanent Makeup Fade?

Much like other types of tattoos, cosmetic tattoos will fade eventually. The amount of fading depends on a person’s exposure to sunlight, water and other elements. Fading can also depend on your body chemistry, age, thickness of skin, and other personal factors.

Taking care of your permanent makeup and protecting your face from the elements can help maintain the appearance of permanent cosmetics. It’s very unlikely that your permanent makeup will fade completely, but chances are, you will need to refresh the appearance after time has passed.

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How Quickly Does Permanent Makeup Fade?

After the first procedure, permanent makeup will appear dark until the skin is done healing. The cosmetic tattoo will lighten as the skin goes through its healing process, but after that the permanent makeup will fade gradually. This means that you should not notice a sudden change in the appearance. The makeup will fade faster the more the area is exposed to the elements, so it is important for you to take care of your permanent makeup, protect it from the elements, and avoid exposure to treatments and products that may cause fading.

 What Makes Permanent Makeup Permanent?

Cosmetic tattoos are considered “permanent” because the color is tattooed into the skin. In other words, a permanent makeup technician injects pigment into the body’s molecules, which are a permanent part of the body. Permanent makeup cannot be removed by washing, and though it does fade, the color does not leave the skin.

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