No Contracts! No Confusing Discounts! Just Low Prices!

If you just signed a contract for laser hair treatments because a smooth-talking employee expounded on their "incredible" discounts and "money-saving" specials--don't get too excited just yet. We may be bursting your bubble in the next few sentences about this great "deal".

We believe in offering our clients true pricing at our every day low price with no confusing and misleading sales gimmicks. 

Wait! What's Wrong with Signing a Contract for Laser Hair Procedures?

Well, to begin with, you know that 60 or 70 percent discount you're expecting to receive? Make sure you read all the fine print - many times it will mean "up to 70% off off your third or fourth area." The worst part is that these prices can be inflated so that even 70% off your third area is still more than other clinics charge.  Yep, unfortunately, other laser hair clinics do that (we don't) and they get by with it by putting this bit of info in small print somewhere in the middle of your contract where they know you won't bother checking.

Contracts are Wasteful

Contracts for laser treatments are also not necessary because responses to laser procedures differ from one person to another. Some may only need 3-4 sessions while others may require more, depending on the person. No way can a licensed laser practitioner know ahead of time how many treatments a client will need to obtain desired results. In other words, you can think of signing a laser hair removal contract as being similar to pre-paying your auto repair guy a year in advance for repairs that may never be needed. Who does that? Nobody!

Need More Reasons for Saying No to Laser Hair Contracts? Here's Three Good Ones

1. Most men and women we treat at our Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic experience remarkable results after just four to eight treatments. Touch-ups are only done on an "as needed" basis when hair starts to grown back. Contracts force you to pay for procedures you may not even need - so don't sign one!

2. You might change your mind about laser hair removal treatments for one reason or another (relocation, change in employment status). We understand that can happen. But sign a contract somewhere else and you've committed yourself to financing that agreement--whether you use it or not.

3. Failing to honor a contract means you've legally broken the contract. That's grounds for a business to obtain a judgement against you in small claims court--which will send your credit score spiraling. Why sign a contract when you don't have to?

Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic's no-contract policy means you are not locked into a contract - you  are able to receive laser hair removal or skin treatments as needed and at our every day low price.

Schedule your free consultation and become hair free, contract-free today!


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