Achieve Your Perfect Bikini Line at Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic

Did you avoid wearing your cutest (and perhaps skimpiest) bikini last summer because no matter how much you shaved that "special" area, you couldn't get rid of that five o'clock shadow and those red, pimply bumps?

Don't let this summer fly by before you have had a chance to brave the beaches and flaunt that divine bikini. Get that smooth, celebrity-perfect bikini line with laser hair removal treatments at our Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic. It's easy, fast and it works! Plus, you won't feel like Sasquatch trying to hide unattractive hair under a cute bikini!

No More Waxing, Shaving or Razor Burns--Just Smooth, Hairless Skin

Unlike shaving or waxing, laser hair removal not only eliminates hair sprouting out of follicles but also destroys hair inside follicles. Laser energy accomplishes this when follicle pigments absorb the light and sear the follicle's interior. Consequently, follicles don't show up as black specks or inflamed ingrown hairs dotting your bikini line.

We offer two kinds of bikini line sculpturing treatments:

  • Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal--two fingers width on each side out of panty line all the way to your bottom. This also includes the choice of a strip, triangle or custom design.
  • Brazilian Laser Hair Removal--completely removes all hair, including the backside! No more spending money on temporary waxes or OTC products that do nothing but irritate your skin.

On average, about four to eight treatments are needed to give you the quintessential bikini line and be best part is that most of our clients can stop waxing or shaving after the very first treatment.

Start Getting Your Bikini Line Groove on Today!

January is nearly half over, February is a short month and March always seems to fly by. Summer will be here before you've had a chance to flip your calendar pages so call us soon to set up an appointment for your first bikini area laser hair removal session. Don't wait until it's warm and sunny and that one, special bikini is calling your name that you can't wear on the beach without tying a towel around your waist. Come see us today!

At Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic, there are no contracts EVER! You ONLY pay for the treatments you need. Schedule your free consultation and become hair free, contract-free today!

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