Guys—Get Your Sexy Before Summer With Laser Hair Removal

As anyone who’s moderately hip knows, today’s well-groomed man sports as much smooth, hair-free skin as possible.  Just as mutton-chop sideburns have gone the way of the dinosaurs, so has excess body hair. Welcome to the era of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal provides a permanent solution for hair reduction in an average of 4-8 treatments and is suitable for all—and we do mean all—areas of the body.

Since you must stay out of the sun at least 4 weeks before beginning treatment - now is the perfect time to get started!

From back hair to excess facial hair, here are the 7 most common areas men choose to smooth with laser hair removal treatment:

The Chest

No more Tom Selleck chests for us, thank you. What’s the point of working out if those awesome pecs are hidden under too much hair? Waxing is painful and can even leave scars, while shaving is both difficult and uncomfortable as hair begins to grow out. Laser treatment can be used to remove all the hair or just to thin it.

The Back

Back hair is extremely common. The back is very sensitive, and since back hair grows faster than other areas, waxing can be both painful and expensive. Laser hair  treatment is and permanent.

Shoulders and Upper Arms

Shoulder and upper arm hair are just…not sexy. Nothing is more unattractive than a tank top with fur peeping out from under it, and both these areas are almost impossible to shave.

Facial Hair

Unibrows.  Wolf-man eyebrows.  Grizzly Adams beards—laser hair removal addresses all these problems.  Eyebrow shaping is common, as is thinning out extremely thick beards.

Underarm Hair

No one expects men to shave their underarms.  Seriously, that would just be weird. However, men are finding that thinning underarm hair can be a bonus—not only is it more attractive in a sleeveless shirt, it reduces the need for deodorant.

"Bikini" Area

Ok, most men don’t wear bikinis. Still, man-caping is still a big issue for many men, and while shaving is an option, the stubble and in-grown hairs it leaves behind are not.  And for most men, waxing is just not an ideal option...OUCH!

Laser hair removal isn’t just for celebs, and it isn’t just a girl thing. It’s a hassle-free way to make the look we’re already going for last forever! Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION TODAY 

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