Why Laser Hair Removal Just Might Be Worth Every Penny

Hair can be beautiful, thick, curly, shiny or professional coiffed to enhance our appearance. But it's not so great when it sprouts wildly on other parts of your body besides your head! Unfortunately, body hair growth sometimes acts like a toddler out of control, doing what it wants to no matter how hard you try to control it. Shaving, waxing (ouch), plucking (double ouch) and using cream hair removers just seems to exacerbate its strong will to grow, grow, grow... .

Attack of the Hair Follicles

For women with pale to medium skin, shaving hair on their legs and underarms is as frustrating as trimming nose hairs without pinching your nose because underneath hair lies the dreaded, dark hair follicle. It doesn't matter what kind razor you use, whether it's a Dollar Store disposable razor or a state-of-the-art electric razor made by a pricey French manufacturer, those unattractive hair follicles aren't going anywhere because they lie under the skin, where your razor can't reach.

Waxing does remove hair follicles, but they will return with a vengeance in a few weeks, meaning you'll have to re-wax your legs or bikini area over and over again. In addition, waxing hurts, and it frequently causes skin irritation due to allergic reactions to the chemicals in the wax (This applies to cream hair removers as well.).

Laser Hair Removal Is Your Hair's Worst Enemy

With benefits as great as these:

  • It's virtually painless.
  • It reduces ingrown hair growth by 90 percent.
  • It eliminates ugly follicle flecks and stubble.
  • Your skin will look smoother, softer and healthier.
  • No more pain and irritation from waxing, tweezing or harsh hair-removal creams.
  • No more buying razors that don't work, anyway.
  • Save time getting ready every single day.


Why would anyone with excessive, unwanted hair growth choose to waste time with other hair removal methods? The staff at the Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic would really like to know, so give us a call today (910) 791-7500 or schedule a free consultation online.

It's also important to know that we'll NEVER make you sign a contract for laser hair removal. Find out why here.

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