What Happens In A Laser Hair Removal Consultation

In this video from the Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic, we'll watch first time client, Jenna, undergo a consultation for laser hair removal for her underarms.

Part of be reason for creating this video is to demystify what actually happens at a laser hair removal clinic so that potential clients know what to expect before arriving. Each new patient will undergo a quick and free consultation to determine if they are a good candidate for laser hair removal (versus electrolysis). The consultation includes some of the following questions:

1. Are you taking any medications?

- Some medications make you sensitive to light and should be avoided while receiving treatments.

2. Have you been in the sun in the past 2-4 weeks?

- For light skin clients, 4 weeks without sun exposure is recommended and 2 weeks for dark skin clients.

3. Have you waxed or tweezed the area?

- You should not wax or tweeze the area 6 weeks before a treatment as this will prevent the laser from eliminating the hair at the root and will not be as effective.

4. Are you pregnant?

- While there are no known side effects, getting laser hair removal treatments while pregnant is not recommended.

5. What color hair is in the area?

-Since lasers only see dark hair, electrolysis will be a better option for blonde, gray or red hair. Sometimes there will be a mixture of hair color and an combination of laser and electrolysis is needed.

In the past, laser hair removal was best suited for those with light skin and dark hair, but with the new advancements in laser technology, virtually all skin types (such as African American skin tones or darker skin) can reap the life-long benefits of laser hair removal. Even if you were considered an "iffy" candidate in the past, a quick and free consultation with one of our laser hair removal practitioners will help to access the your best plan of action.

At the Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic we never make you sign a contract. That way you only pay for the treatments you NEED.

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