Get A 15 Minute Facelift With These Brow Basics

Eye brows are the pillars of the face. Properly groomed brows add structure and definition to the eyes, and can even make the rest of the face took more sculpted.

That's why eyebrow shaping is often called the 15 minute facelift!

The easiest way to get your ideal brow shape is to look at the way they grow naturally. Over shaping the arch, and plucking the brows too thin can make your eyes look smaller, and your face look harsh, so follow your natural arch and groom to enhance, not reshape your brows.

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Tweeze strays

To establish your natural shape, brush the hairs straight up with a spoolie or lash brush.

The spoolie brush is an often-overlooked eyebrow shaping tool that looks like a mascara wand (minus the mascara) with a tapered head and soft bristles.

Then, with a pair of tweezers, pluck any stray hairs that stand alone away from the brow.

Measuring your brows for a 15 minute facelift



  1. Brush eyebrows upwards and then smooth outwards.
  2. Position the brow/lash brush vertically at the side of the nose so that it crosses the eyebrow. You will need to remove any hairs growing in area (a.)
  3. Swivel the brow/lash brush round so that it crosses the eyebrow in line with the outer corner of the eye. Eyebrow hairs growing in area (b.) will need to be removed.
  4. Reposition the brow/lash brush, still at the side of the nose but so that it crosses the eyebrow on a line that passes through the centre of the eye. The hairs in area (c.) should be removed to produce the highest point of the eyebrow arch.

The video below will help walk you through the process.

Filling in your eyebrows

To fill in your brows, use a hard brow pencil and have a brow brush or spoolie to help distribute the product and blend.

When choosing a brow pencil, pick one that is a shade or lighter than your hair color so it blends in easily and doesn't make the brows look too heavy over the eyes.

Using a light hand, draw individual hairs into the visible gaps of your brows, and blend by brushing through with the brow brush. If you marked places where you wanted to lengthen your brow, continue to lightly draw in individual hairs following the direction of hair growth. Brush through the brows regularly to make sure they look soft and natural. Keep the color lightest near the inner corner of the eyes, and add the most definition at the very outer edge and under the arch.

The finishing touch

Finish off by combing a thin layer of clear brow gel through your brows to keep both hairs and pencil in place all day.

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