5 Events Worth Hiring A Professional Makeup Artist For

When it comes to special events, don’t leave your look up to chance. Put your best face forward and feel beautiful without stressing about doing your own makeup to complete your "look".


Makeup by Carah Cotterman


Makeup by Chelsea Gavin

Here are 5 events worth hiring a professional makeup artist for:

Wedding Makeup

Whether it’s your big day or a friend or family member’s, weddings are an ideal event to hire a professional makeup artist for. At a wedding, you simply want to look your very best, and you don’t want to have to stress about your makeup application before and during the event. A talented makeup artist will choose the perfect color palette and make your face look stunning on this most special day.

Makeup for Proms and Formals

Proms are an event that many young people look forward to, as it’s a chance to get all dressed up, look fabulous, and have a lot of fun. There are tons of photos to be taken before the event, as well as out on the dance floor, and you will want to look beautiful for those long lasting memories. You have to worry about finding the right dress and the perfect date, so leave the hair and makeup to a professional.

Makeup for Parties & Galas

Birthdays, holidays, company gatherings- it really doesn’t matter what you’re headed out to celebrate, you just need to look your best and stand out from the crowd! A pro makeup artist will be able to help you make a statement and look great at your next party, whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, or anything else worth celebrating. Depending on the party, go for an understated, subtle look, or be bold and sexy with smoky eyes and a vibrant lip color. A skilled makeup artist will see to it that you celebrate in style by giving you a fresh, glamorous look.

Competition Makeup

There are a variety of competitions today that contestants will hire a professional makeup artist for, including cheerleading, dance, and bodybuilding, to name a few. Competitions are often just as much about skill as they are about appearance, so it’s very important to look put together and make a positive impression on the judges. It takes a lot of preparation to be ready for a competitive event, and hiring someone to do your hair and makeup is a great way to ensure that you look the part and can focus on your skills.

Pageant Makeup

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 5, 15, or 55, because there are beauty pageants for women of all ages today. At most pageants, contestants are judged on their appearance, personality, and talents, so looks certainly do matter. If you want to put your very best face forward, work with someone who will be able to give you the ideal pageant look. A professional has the products and the skills necessary to help you transition your appearance for each segment of the event.

At special events, you want to make a great impression. Leave your makeup to our talented makeup artists, Carah Cotterman or Chelsea Gavin who will ensure that you love your appearance. It’s always worth it to hire a professional makeup artist so that you feel beautiful throughout your special event.

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