Our Client Tried Baby Foot “Foot Peel” And Had Amazing Results

Baby Foot worked for me!

"In less than 10 days, my feet looked better than they have in 10 years!" - Jenna


What is Baby Foot?

Baby Foot is an innovative foot peel product sold at the Wilmington Laser Hair Removal & Skin Clinic (Only $25) that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby's foot! The unique formula contains 17 fruit acids that soaks your feet in little booties for 1 hour and causes your feet to exfoliate from 3-7 days leaving them highly moisturized and sans years and years of dead skin. Baby Foot contains healthy, safe natural extracts like Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit citrus oils, Calendula, Clematis leaf and Chamomile.

How Does Baby Foot Work?

Baby Foot works by breaking down desmosomes which are adhesive cell structures that hold the layers of skin together. The 17 types of Extracts gently break down the desmosomes within the dead skin layers allowing it to peel away easily from the fresh layer beneath. And what's underneath is beautiful, "baby-like" skin that is soft and moisturized.


How do I use Baby Foot?

It's easy. Soak  your feet for 20 minutes before using. Open the gel-filled booties and slide your feet in them. There are small tabs of tape to seal the booties around your foot. Let them set in the gel for 1 hour. Then, remove the booties, rinse with soap and water and wait for the magic to happen in 3-7 days. My results started on day 3 an finished up by day 10.


Dry your feet and then place in the plastic, gel-filled booties.


Let sit for an hour. I recommend staying put as the gel makes walking quite slippery.

Before I used Baby Foot

The bottom of my feet have been unsightly for as long as I can remember. An active child, teenager, and adult, I have always had build-up of calluses on my big toes and the balls of my feet. It started from my years playing soccer, but my feet had never really recovered.  I also suffer from dry skin and a mild case of athletes foot.

I'll be honest, I have never taken great care of my feet. I've probably had less than 10 pedicures in my entire life and the results from a pedicure would only last a couple weeks. If I had know about Baby Foot, I guarantee you, I would have started taking better care of my feet much earlier.

This photo was taken before using Baby Foot for the first time.


You don't see any results right after you take off the booties and rinse your feet. It takes anywhere from 3-7 days to start seeing the skin peel away. For me, I started seeing results in 3 days.


I know it's gross looking. But, oh so satisfying. Doesn't hurt at all.


By day 5 I was pulling off huge pieces of dead skin. Underneath was beautiful, healthy, moisturized skin! I've never been able to get rid of a callus so easily. I can't wait to get Baby Foot for everyone in my family.



It took about 10 days for my feel to full stop peeling. The hard skin around my heels, toes, and the ball of my foot are gone. The most build-up of dead skin was on my big toes and there is still some dead skin there but only about 1/3 of what I started with. In a few days, I can do the treatment one more time and that should remove the rest of the calluses!

**The box recommends doing the treatment up to 2 times within 2 weeks apart. After that, as often as 1-2 months as needed. ***

Why I LOVE Baby Foot!

I'm thrilled with the results from Baby Foot and have been loving wearing my sandals since applying the peel a few weeks ago. I highly recommend this product for anyone that is less than impressed with their own feet. Great for a Mother's Day or Father's Day gift too!

Pick yours up today at the Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic off Military Cutoff Road near Mayfaire Town Center.

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