The Answer to the Winter Blahs: Rejuvapen Skin Care Treatment

Do you want to look younger and have healthier-looking skin without having to go under the knife or spend days or weeks recovering? Now you can!

Winter in Wilmington, NC can be hard on your skin, causing dryness and chapping. But Rejuvapen, a skin care treatment available at the Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic, is a non-surgical treatment that stimulates the skin’s natural healing process. Rejuvapen can increase elasticity, reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles, minimize pores, and more.

Rejuvapen is a great alternative to invasive surgery. If you’re finding your skin has the winter blahs, consider this option for comprehensive skin rejuvenation.

No surgery—no anesthesia

Rejuvapen is non-surgical and doesn’t require an incision. It has less risk and no scarring. Because no anesthesia is necessary, the chance of complications is minimized. Surgical risks, such as infection, are greatly reduced. You can be fully awake when receiving treatment for Rejuvapen. Treatments are performed at our clinic under the supervision of one of our licensed Estheticians.

No down time—no missing out on personal and professional obligations

Unlike a face lift, Rejuvapen does not require an at-home recovery period. Since Rejuvapen is non-invasive, you will be on with your day within an hour. A treatment with Rejuvapen will not keep you from your everyday activities.

A facelift can derail your personal, work and family obligations. It can keep you out of sight while you recover and heal from surgery. At Wilmington Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic, we know you need to be back living your life quickly. Even if you have the winter blahs, there’s a lot going on in Wilmington, NC, and you need to get back to your life in a hurry.

A facelift can leave you with bruising for days, sometimes weeks. But there is none with a treatment from Rejuvapen. People receiving a Rejuvapen treatment can expect to recover in 24 hours or less, with only the feeling of a mild sunburn.

Get results fast

Wow, Rejuvapen results are fast! The results of a Rejuvapen treatment take six to eight weeks to become visible. In just a few weeks, you can have a fresh outlook on the winter blahs whenever you look in the mirror. Rejuvapen can make your skin firmer and increase elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the condition of your skin. (It can take six to nine months to see the full benefits of a facelift.)

Are you ready to get younger, healthier looking skin and help cure the winter blahs? Call 910-791-7500 or send a request online to schedule your free consultation.

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