5 Great Reasons to Consider Electrolysis

If you’ve been delaying getting electrolysis, wait no more. Here are five great reasons why you should make your first electrolysis appointment today!

1. Electrolysis is Permanent

The results you get from electrolysis are permanent. Unlike other hair removal treatments that just don’t have the lasting results you desire, an electrolysis treatment program gives you permanent results that last a lifetime.

2. Electrolysis is Effortless

You don’t have to plan ahead or prepare your skin for weeks ahead of time to have electrolysis treatments. Our Licensed Electrologists do everything for you, right in our clinic. All you have to do is show up, relax and let us work our magic!

3. Electrolysis builds Confidence

With electrolysis, finally, you can have the confidence you deserve, knowing that you won’t have any embarrassing hair that you missed. Whether you have unsightly facial hair or other body hair that you feel just doesn’t look right, you won’t ever have to deal with it again. Every day will be a confident day when you choose electrolysis.

4. Electrolysis is Affordable

Electrolysis treatments are highly affordable, and much less than the cost of most other cosmetic procedures and other hair removal options. Most of our clients find that they can easily fit an electrolysis treatment program into their budget plan. When you schedule one of our free consultations, your Licensed Electrologist will be able to thoroughly evaluate your individual situation and give you a good idea of how many treatments you’ll need, and their subsequent cost.

5. Electrolysis is Freedom

Break away from the hassles of shaving every day, and buying expensive epilators and depilatories that simply don’t last. Now you can have smooth skin, free of ingrown hairs, overgrown hair or unsightly hair growth. Your morning routine can be short and sweet.

For more info on how electrolysis works and FAQ click here. To find out why we'll never make you sign a contract for hair removal services, click here.

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